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Leto empowers developers and users by providing insights about data stored on IPFS

About Us

Leto helps developers manage and grow their systems without collecting vast amounts of unnecessary user data.

Privacy-preserving analytics data your team can rely on.

Measure the activity, performance, and reliability of IPFS data storage and retrieval systems using anonymized, aggregate data.

IPFS and Filecoin enable verifiable, self soverign systems that provide resilient data access.

The analytics used in these systems must provide a similar model of privacy and resiliency.

The open source development of these tools will ensure Leto remains transparent and accountable to the open web.

Leto Analytics: How it works

Discover how Leto recieves, stores, and provides Analytics for the IPFS Ecosystem

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Connecting your system with Leto

  • IPFS Gateways: Use our gateway to serve content and Leto will provide you anonymous and open analytics through our Analytics API. View on GitHub
  • Open Analytics API: Contact our api to see how many times an IPFS object was requested through the network. View our docs
  • Engage with Us: Contribute to the future of analytics. Reach out on Email, GitHub, or @Letodev on Twitter.
  • Transparency: We try to make our Analytics mechanisms easy to understand and every line of our code is public. View on GitHub


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